Studio IVL Instructors

Meet our instructors. We've selected some of the most qualified women in the fitness community to represent Studio IVL.

Brooke Collie

Classes: High Fitness

Courtney Glasgow

Classes: Lift

Emily Nelson

Classes: High Fitness

Jacinth Bybee

Classes: Pilates

Jenny Warner

Classes: Cardio Fuse, Barre Sculpt

Jess Pugmire

Classes: High Fitness

Jill England

Classes: Pilates, High Fitness

Kara Kaufman

Classes: Muscle Mix

Kelsey Cole

Classes: High Fitness, Barre Sculpt

Kim Brown

Classes: Strength + Sculpt, Barre Sculpt

Kristen Burgi

Classes: Step

Coco Katoa

Classes: Surge Fit, High Fitness

Lisa Danielson

Classes: High Fitness

Lisa Wilson

Classes: Club Dance

Hailey Greenwood

Classes: Surge Fit

Jodie Staples

Classes: High Fitness

Trina Jensen

Classes: Dance Funk

SaraJane Warner

Classes: High Fitness

Shelley Rudd

Classes: Super Shred

Whitney Houlin

Classes: Pilates Tone